The 47th Annual Joint Meeting
2015 Midwest U.S.-Japan Association (MWJA) Conference, Tokyo, Japan & Japan-Midwest U.S. Association (JMWA)

Sunday Program (Sunday, September 13th)

Option 1: Tokyo Bay Cruise –Yakata Bune 

10:40 am Meet at the Banquet Lobby of the Imperial Hotel (1F)

10:50 am Depart for Shinagawa Pier

11:10 am Arrive at Shinagawa Pier

11:30 am Boarding Yakata Bune


1:45pm Depart for the Imperial Hotel

2:00 pm Arrive at the Imperial Hotel

  • This tour includes lunch (vegetarian available).
  • The ship sails out rain or shine. In case of typhoon, cancellation will be announced the day before.
  • This tour will be accompanied by an English-speaking guide.
  • Casual outfit and comfortable shoes are recommended.

boatcruise 2



Option 2: Grand Sumo Tournament

2:50 pm   Meet at the Banquet Lobby of the Imperial Hotel (1F)

3:00 pm     Depart for Ryogoku Stadium “Kokugikan

3:20 pm     Arrive at Ryogoku Stadium “Kokugikan

~ Grand Sumo Tournament ~

5:15 pm     Depart for Hotel Okura

5:40 pm     Arrive at Hotel Okura

~ Welcome Reception ~

  • After the tournament, the group will depart for Hotel Okura (“Welcoming Reception”).
  • There will be NO time to return to the hotel.
  • Business attire is required for the reception.